The narratives of the authorities do not coincide with their actions. Are these actions consciously or unconsciously pro-Russian?

Today, there are two threats for the Ukrainians and Ukrainian statehood: the Russian Empire, which is the aggressor and the occupier, and the oligarchic pro-Russian clique ruling in Ukraine.

Who can defend Ukraine and its statehood today? The Ukrainian army (its soldiers) and the Ukrainian economy (business and civilizational support of our western partners).

And at a time when our international partners – the United Kingdom, the United States, Poland – are fending off the cooperation with the Russian aggressor, we cry over the losses of the enemy as a result of the blockade of trade with the occupied territories. Ukraine is “compensating” these losses to the enemy through “Rotterdam+” and “Dusseldorf+”.

Is this pro-Ukrainian or pro-Russian politics? It is an absurd situation when Ukrainian soldiers must fight while the government, the President, the state are engaged in the trade.

The notorious Shyrokyi Lan military training area, the President’s bill on national security, where NATO standards for the army are not even mentioned, the disrespect for Ukrainian warriors – is this all pro-Ukrainian or pro-Russian politics?

Stop the shows. We see how the shows were stopped at the example of “Nova Poshta”. It is said that this criminal proceeding, together with dozens and hundreds of other cases, was launched on the last day when the Prosecutor General’s Office still had the authority for this – on November 17, 2017. Blackmail and shows go on. The narratives of the authorities do not coincide with their actions.

Anticorruption court. Ukraine still cannot give birth to the bill which the International Monetary Fund demands the Ukrainian President to adopt. Meanwhile, the President very quickly abandons his idea of imposing a tax on the withdrawn capital. Because it turns out that he had received a letter from the IMF touching upon this matter.

Ukrainian peasants. The commodity producers are the basis of the Ukrainian economy and well-being. 10 minutes prior to the adoption of the budget, it was robbed of 10-15 billion hryvnias by cancelling the VAT refund on export. And there are no intentions to remedy this situation.

Ukrainian peasants are patient and hardworking. But I think this patience can run out one day. Once again – the narratives of the authorities do not coincide with their actions. The actions are explicitly pro-Russian. The question is whether this is done consciously or unconsciously?

If this is unconsciously, these meaningless narrations must stop and there must be actions aimed at restoring and building Ukrainian army, supporting the Ukrainian business, and being honest with our Western civilizational partners.

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