Ruslan Sydorovych: Judges of the Constitutional Court must stand guard over the rights of people

The Verkhovna Rada appointed judges of the Constitutional Court on the basis of its quota. Samopomich did not support the proposed initiative, and when discussing the issue in the session hall, MP Ruslan Sydorovych called on his colleagues to be responsible.

He emphasized that for the next nine years the nominated candidates must be ready to stand guard over the constitutional law and people’s rights, which are guaranteed by the Basic Law.

“What is the Constitutional Court? This is the only body in the country that can determine whether the laws passed by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine or the orders of the President of Ukraine are constitutional. This body also reviews the constitutional complaints of citizens in case a court decision was made on the basis of an unconstitutional law.

Moreover, it is the Constitutional Court that plays the key role in the impeachment procedure regarding the possible prosecution of the President.

“Therefore, it is extremely important to have in the Constitutional Court the people who really understand the deep essence of the constitutional law and understand that the Constitution is first and foremost a document that should limit the power and guarantee the observance of human rights,” stressed Ruslan Sydorovych. The appointments like this are twice as important now given the fact that the Constitutional Court has begun to regain citizens’ confidence.

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