Ruslan Sydorovych: While the country is a tinderbox, the state money is being carved up in the parliament

According to Samopomich MP Ruslan Sydorovych, the garbage trouble that occurred in Lviv has demonstrated the problem that exists in the whole country and absolutely in all cities,

“When there was a fire at the Lviv landfill and it became impossible to take garbage there, Lviv started seeking help from other Ukrainian cities. Hundreds of responses received by Lviv indicate that all landfills of all cities are overloaded and are subject to closure. In fact, the country is a garbage tinderbox. For example, there is an answer from the Vinnytsia City Council, which writes that they cannot help the city of Lviv, because their landfill is overcrowded and was supposed to be closed back in 1998.”

However, instead of solving this nationwide problem, the government is keeping silent and is doing nothing. Ruslan Sydorovych believes that in such a situation the parliament cannot stand aside.

“Yesterday, in the parliament, there was a carve up of state money, while using this money we could have finally started solving the problem which is present in all cities,” the deputy emphasizes. “Moreover, six bills that lay the foundation for solving this problem are pending in the Verkhovna Rada.”

According to the MP, if the government is not able to solve this problem, the parliament must take responsibility. “The Verkhovna Rada has to adopt these bills and oblige the government, which is accountable to it, to begin doing what it should do – to finance jointly with the cities the solution of the problem of solid domestic waste disposal”.

“Regarding the problem of Lviv – the issue can be solved very easily. Give Lviv a land where a plant will be built, and all the problems will end,” Ruslan Sydorovych concludes.

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