Ruslan Sydorovych: “New CEC members must serve the people, not political forces”

The Verkhovna Rada finally took care of the issue of renewal of the Central Election Commission. This had been promised in many electoral programs, and with a 4-year delay, this has been finally done. MP Ruslan Sydorovych from the Samopomich faction notes that it is very important for new members of the CEC to remain politically impartial.

“I am appealing to the newly elected members of the CEC. No matter what political force put you forward, you must remember that you must serve the Ukrainian people, and not those forces that delegated you.”

Sydorovych also draws attention to the fact that the law, which was adopted on Tuesday, was adopted with numerous violations. We are talking about the law on increasing the number of members of the Central Election Commission from 15 to 17 people. The decision became a compromise, since the CEC had not been updated for four years.

During all this time this issue had not been considered in the session hall. Now, when the elections are around the corner, this issue is extremely important.

“The updated composition of the CEC will determine the legitimacy of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections. Honesty and transparency in the work of the Central Election Commission will determine whether the people will trust the future elections and their results. It all might result in yet another public outrage, or it might as well make people satisfied.”

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