Ruslan Sydorovych: Do not breed treason where there is none

Samopomich deputy Ruslan Sydorovych asks to put an end to the speculations on the story of the fake detention of Semen Semenchenko in Georgia.

“It is true that our colleague from the faction, Semen Semenchenko, is now in Georgia. However, no one has detained him. This is fake information, which appeared in the online publication of “Ukrainska Pravda”. Yet, it seems like no one has noticed the second article, which Ukrainska Pravda published on behalf of Semen Semenchenko. This article completely denies his connection with the detained citizens in Georgia. The only thing that is common between Semen Semenchenko and the detained citizens in Georgia is their participation in the ATO. And there is plenty of evidence confirming this.”

“I am urging you not to speculate on such things, not to breed treason where there is none. The fact that Semen Semenchenko is helping to organize legal protection is the duty of every citizen in the support for his comrades.”

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