Ruslan Sydorovych: People are scared because they don’t understand what the consequences of martial law will be for them

With all the pompous speeches about martial law, Ukrainian politicians have forgotten about the most important thing – the citizens, for whose protection this tool was introduced. MP Ruslan Sydorovych states, “In order to ensure this procedure, the President, the National Security and Defence Council, and the government should have started a wide information campaign right after the introduction of martial law.”

Since this was not done, people are scared because they do not understand what the consequences of martial law will be for them. The parliamentarian emphasizes, “Regional state administrations, district state administrations are completely inactive, they are giving no information, and people do not understand how events will develop further.”

In addition, the Verkhovna Rada is not paying enough attention to the problem. Samopomich also believes that the heads of departments, which are entrusted with the most important duties in accordance with the law on the legal regime of martial law, should report to the parliament every week.

Ruslan Sydorovych is also drawing attention to the presidential initiative to hold elections in the UTC of the regions with martial law. The MP says that this is a dangerous idea that requires further discussion. The people’s deputy explains, “Today we say that it is possible to hold local elections under martial law conditions, tomorrow we will hold other elections under martial law conditions.”

It is also not clear why the privatization of critical infrastructure facilities was not suspended after the introduction of martial law, and why diplomatic and trade relations with Russia were not broken off.

“All these things indicate that today martial law has actually become profanation. We, as a state, have no right to let this be so. We must prove with our actions that we are taking appropriate actions to ensure defence capability.”

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