Ruslan Sydorovych: A state is strong when it has strong institutions

As noted by Samopomich deputy Ruslan Sydorovych, the country needs to balance all branches of power.

“If we want Ukraine to function as a parliamentary-presidential republic not de jure, but de facto, we must coordinate the powers of the President with those that are limited by the Constitution (which has been repeatedly mentioned by the Constitutional Court in its decisions), adopt a law on provisional investigatory commissions and thus balance all branches of government. Then we will not have to fear some people’s coming to power.”

Sydorovych claims that at present the position of the President in Ukraine is not controlled by anyone and anything. Not only does the President nominate candidates for the posts of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defence, as well as Prosecutor General, Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine, heads of the State Property Fund, the Anti-Monopoly Committee, and numerous regulators, including the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities (which determines the tariffs and regulates the energy market), the President also appoints the governors, the heads of district state administrations and numerous advisory bodies close to the President’s institution. But there is no control over the Head of State:

“Impeachment initiatives are the path to nowhere – we will never gather 375 votes, because we never have 375 MPs present in the hall. The ancient Greeks said: any power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely,” says Sydorovych.

“The state is strong when it has strong institutions. The issue of balance of various branches of government should not be an issue of someone’s political “whims”, it should be an issue of the survival and prosperity of the state. It is possible to build a strong economic power only when none of the branches of government has uncontrolled functions.”

The country should have such a way of balancing the branches of power that will let people change the presidents not through rallies only, but will ensure that each branch of power — the President, the government, and the judiciary — are limited and balanced.

“The country deserves the possibility of preserving peace by peaceful means,” concludes the lawmaker.

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