Anna Romanova: By developing a system of child guardianship we are investing in the future of Ukraine

Yesterday at a meeting of the Parliament a bill 5526, co-authored by Samopomich deputies, was passed. According to this bill, the number of children’s services social workers will increase.

“Today in Ukraine there are almost 700 children’s services which perform the functions of the state for social protection of children, prevention of child neglect, homelessness, and the like. But at the same time, in 2012, a provision fixing the number of children’s services social workers was excluded from the law. This resulted in a drastic shortening of this number. In the end, we have a lot of violations of children’s rights in Ukraine, crimes against children, and their number is constantly growing,” says Samopomich MP, Iryna Sysoyenko.

Therefore, the adopted law clearly fixes the regular number of employees of district and city services for children: one social worker per no more than one thousand children living in a district, and no more than 2,000 children living in a city. In addition, according to the legislative changes, children’s services become legal entities.

“In our opinion, these are the changes that should improve the services’ work, these changes will enable them to efficiently carry out their tasks in order to protect the rights and interests of children,” says Iryna Sysoyenko.

As reported by Samopomich MP, Anna Romanova, according to statistics alone, more than 600 thousand Ukrainian children are being raised in vulnerable families. “Every third child lives in a family below the poverty line. Moreover, the state does not know how many children may be exposed to a trouble or become addicted to alcohol or drugs. The authorities can prevent this only by increasing the number of social workers. Presently there are very few of them – no more than three thousand people. They just do not have time to identify the families where children may be abused. Therefore, by this bill we propose to increase the number of social workers, because by developing a system of child guardianship we are investing in the future of Ukraine,” said Anna Romanova.


Anna Romanova
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