“Russia is interfering in the Ukrainian election campaign through Medvedchuk” – Andriy Sadovyi

The direct influence of the Russian Federation on elections in Ukraine is already visible. First of all, this is felt because of the active presence of Viktor Medvedchuk in the Ukrainian election campaign. The leader of the Samopomich Union stated this during a meeting with the President of the National Democratic Institute (USA) Derek Mitchell.

Medvedchuk’s political activities are a black mark for the Ukrainian authorities. Meanwhile, not only those persons who in recent years have been actively helping Russia destroy the Ukrainian state are not arrested and convicted for their actions, they are actually enjoying themselves in the Ukrainian parliament now. Meanwhile, representatives of the President’s party are bashfully running away from the plenary hall when there is a need to vote for the removal of deputies’ immunity,” said Sadovyi.

In his opinion, this is evidence that Russia intends to significantly increase its presence in the Ukrainian parliament in 2019. And the authorities are only indulging this.

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