“Russia is cynically calling the genocide in Aleppo a fight against terrorists,” Olena Sotnyk

“Today, 50,000 civilians are hostages of the confronting regimes, the political game, the imperial ambitions of Russia, and the inability of the world to resist to the blood-shedding madness of one man in order to save thousands of people in this small patch of land.

At that time, when Lavrov is cynically calling the butchery, the genocide of the civilian – a fight against terrorism, the whole world is keeping silent, we are silent!” says MP of the Samopomich Union faction, a representative of Ukraine in PACE, Olena Sotnyk.

Therefore, she will initiate that the events in Aleppo are discussed first at the meeting of the Political Committee of the Council of Europe.

According to her, the meeting of the commission will be held tomorrow. “I understand that for these people one day is an eternity, and I understand that I cannot affect mush, but if everyone does at least something, maybe this will save someone’s innocent life,” says Olena Sotnyk.

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