Romanova: “Elections held, teachers left without the promised salaries”

Samopomich deputy Anna Romanova draws attention to strange metamorphosis in government actions. Now the Cabinet says that there will be no decent salaries promised to teachers.

“At first, the law stipulated that the salary would be tied to the minimum wage. But when Hroisman demonstratively raised the minimum salary – the law was quickly amended with final provisions. The salaries were tied to the subsistence minimum instead (which is almost half the minimum salary).”

Romanova says that it gets worse and worse as it goes on. It turned out that there is no money to be paid for teachers even if we calculate salaries on the basis of the subsistence minimum: “They did not provide any money in the budget. It is no wonder, given the fact that everything was spent on the elections. After all, they needed 1 billion hryvnias for the Poroshenko Fund”.

On May 10, the Ministry of Education wrote on its website that there is no money for teachers: “According to the calculations of the Ministry of Education and Science, for the introduction of this provision of the Law from January 1, 2019, it is necessary to additionally provide UAH 102.4 billion in the State budget. There are no sources to cover these costs in the country’s budget…”

“It is a pity that the teachers who were taken by buses to thank Poroshenko were deprived of their salaries,” says Romanova.

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