Romanova: The government must not manipulate the garbage issue – people’s lives depend on it

MP Anna Romanova of the Samopomich faction pays attention to the fact that, under Ukrainian realities, poor ecology can be an issue for manipulations in dirty political games.

Today in Ukraine there are 35,000 unauthorized landfills and about 6,000 landfills, which are not only overloaded but also expired back in the 90s. And it is impossible to solve this problem because there is not a single recycling plant in Ukraine.

Romanova notes, “As a matter of fact, every mayor of every city today is a hostage to this situation. If something happens to their landfill, they will not know what to do, because, as it turned out, it is next to impossible to build a recycling plant in our realities.”

Not only bills that could create attractive conditions for investors have been waiting in the Verkhovna Rada for several years and for some reasons have not been submitted for consideration in the parliamentary hall, but also there is a blatant sabotage: “When the mayor of Lviv finds European funds from the EBRD to build the first modern waste recycling plant in Ukraine, the head of the Lviv Regional State Administration at a public meeting with activists says that he didn’t see any sense at all in the construction of this plant and would contact the Minister of Ecology asking to block the construction of such a plant.”

Samopomich is appealing to the Cabinet of Ministers, to the President with a request not to manipulate the garbage issue and to give the mayors of cities the opportunity to attract investors and international European organizations to solve the environmental problems faced by the whole country.

“Unless we urgently take measures, unless we pursue effective concepts of handling solid household waste, then very soon the life expectancy of Ukrainians will decrease even more and it is already the lowest in Europe,” says the people’s deputy.

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