Romanova: It is vital that the executive and legislative authorities comply with the recommendations provided to Ukraine by international organizations

During the parliament’s discussion of the draft law on Ukraine’s accession to the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport, whose aim is to improve the intergovernmental cooperation in the field of physical culture and sport within the Council of Europe, MP Anna Romanova from the Samopomich Union parliamentary faction underscored the following fact – it is not enough to simply be a member of European organizations, it is more important to actually use their recommendations to improve sport in Ukraine. Otherwise, why spend budget funds – that is the taxpayers’ money – on membership dues?

The parliamentarian explains, “Ukraine is a member of many international organizations, and this is good for it. But it is not enough to be a member of some organization. It is very important that the executive and legislative authorities implement the recommendations provided to Ukraine.”

For example, we annually pay membership dues from the budget for Ukraine’s membership in the authoritative World Tourism Organization.

In addition, every year, Ukrainian officials go on business trips, participate in numerous round tables. But Ukraine often fails to comply with the wise and relevant recommendations of such organizations.

Anna Romanova explains, “We are hardly complying with any of such recommendations. On the contrary, if the World Tourism Organization recommends Ukraine to create a central body for tourism policy, Ukraine does not create it. The World Tourism Organization recommends reducing the cost of Ukrainian visa. Instead, since January 1, 2019, the cost of Ukrainian visa has increased by 560 hryvnias.”

Moreover, since January 1, 2019, we no longer have such an important tool for liberalizing entry into Ukraine as a visa upon arrival.

“We want the taxpayers’ money to be used effectively, we want Ukraine to be a member of some organizations not only for appearances’ sake, but for the possibility to take into account the recommendations given to Ukraine at the seminars that officials visit at the expense of the taxpayers’ money,” concludes the MP,

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