Romanova: The authorities responsible for the bad mountain roads are the ones to be blamed for the tragedy in the Carpathian region

Regarding the tragedy with the Belarusian tourists and overturned UAZ in the Carpathian region. The way I see the situation.

The main problem is the bad quality of the mountain roads.

While potholes on level are not as dangerous, the ones in the highlands pose a huge risk of tragedy and can be a real cause of death. It is a pity that over the last year alone, from the central budget alone, as much as 42 billion hryvnias were allocated for roads. Yet, no one has noticed any significant improvements. There are questions to the executive authorities in charge of roads. Hopefully, the new government will bring along positive developments.

Problem No. 2.

This is the lack of control in the tourism sector. Last year alone, several buses with tourists got into accidents. Have we learned the lesson? No, we haven’t. The controlling authorities have not shown any desire to put things in order in the travel companies that provide services of extreme/adventure tourism.

My draft law “On Tourism” contains a regulation on required accreditation of all specialists in tourist guidance, among whom there are mountain guides as well. But the consideration of the bill has been delayed for more than a year!

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