Romanova criticized the current State Airport Development Program

When analysing the State Program for the Development of Airports for the period up to 2023, which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, MP Anna Romanova has come across an appalling detail in the document. Thus, it is said that the purpose of the program, among other things, is “ensuring that Ukraine acquires the status of a transit state”.

The parliamentarian notes: “Not a tourist, not an aviation state, but a transit one!”

Anna Romanova states: “Transit is a road to nowhere both for the domestic tourism industry and for increasing GDP. A transit state is an erroneous strategy, similar to a raw-material economy one. It is a pity that the top leadership does not understand this.”

As is known, Samopomich has been consistently advocating a different path for the development of the industry. First of all, it is necessary to restore the work of domestic airports in all regions. Secondly, it is necessary to support the development of aviation through the development of domestic air transportation and the creation of a national low-cost carrier.

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