Romanova: “Undeveloped Ukrainian tourism means a bad image of the state and lost billions of dollars”

Unfortunately, this convocation of the Verkhovna Rada did not manage to realize the importance and potential of the tourism industry in Ukraine and, thus, lost billions of dollars, says Samopomich deputy Anna Romanova. Therefore, now all hopes are placed on the new parliament. In spite of the fact that all the necessary laws had been developed, nothing was adopted.

Romanova explains why:

“Because all the bills aimed at the development of the Ukrainian tourism industry were introduced in the session hall on Wednesdays or did not reach the hall at all. Among them, there is the Law of Ukraine “On Tourism”, which precisely determines the priority of inbound and domestic tourism in Ukraine and introduces effective mechanisms and safeguards against the violation of the rights of Ukrainian tourists. After all, for several years in a row, we have been witnessing a collapse with flight delays, a violation of the rights of tourists when they fly to some hotels and are accommodated in hotels of a much lower level, and so on. The law on the reduction of VAT for all objects of the tourism industry, as it is done in all EU countries, was not adopted either. Today, Ukraine has the highest tourist taxes on the entire European continent.”

And when spending their holidays abroad, our compatriots are strengthening the economies of Egypt, Turkey and other countries. Last year alone, Ukrainians bought package tours worth of $8 billion and spent $5 billion on non-cash payments during their holidays abroad.

Anna Romanova notes that even the accepted recommendations of the parliamentary hearings are implemented by 1% only. “We need bills that will de-monopolize Ukrainian rail transport, launch river cruises, because we have almost lost our river routes. We need bills that introduce a favourable tourist tax, create tourist funds.”

But the lawmaker does not lose her optimism and hopes that the next parliament convocation will listen to her recommendations.

“I believe that the next parliament will be more efficient in this sense, and Ukraine will earn billions of dollars on tourism and will improve its image. Let’s develop our hospitality!”

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