Romanova: “Chaos in the tourist market is because of the chaos in the state management of the industry”

Samopomich deputy Anna Romanova is appealing to her colleagues in the parliament with a demand to adopt a law on tourism, of which she is the main author. The document has been pending in the Verkhovna Rada for a year now and is not put to the vote, although the problems of this tourist season have already begun.

Romanova notes:

“This draft law “On Tourism” protects the rights of every tourist, every consumer of tourist services and introduces transparent mechanisms and rules for the entire tourism sector of the country. I am convinced that the chaos in the tourism market is due to the chaos and irresponsibility in the public sphere, which should be providing high-quality, safe service and ensuring sustainable tourism development.”

Yet, the chaos in the market of tourist services repeats every year. During the last year alone, thousands of Ukrainians became hostages of unreliable businessmen in the tourist market. Some of those people were deprived of their holidays altogether, because the fraudsters took the money and fled away. It is the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Department of Tourism that should control tour operators, since the former are the ones that issue licenses to tour operators and are supposed to check the latter’s activities. But the government does not seem to care, says Romanova.

“Answering my numerous deputy inquiries to the first deputy prime minister for economics, Stepan Kubiv, the latter simply sends formal replies which say that it is no wonder such a situation has occurred because there is complete retardation of the tourism industry and conscious connivance to unreliable, unscrupulous tour operators.”

In response to the last Romanova’s inquiry, Kubiv replied that they, as the authority issuing licenses, did not possess the information on which of the tour operators had not provided financial statements for the past years.

“That is, instead of informing consumers about which out of almost 3,000 tour operators are trustworthy, which have filed financial statements, which have not been complained about for all these years, the Ministry of Economic Development is actually steering away, thus helping dishonest tour operators.”

Therefore, either the parliament will adopt the Law “On Tourism”, or Ukraine will be once again dishonoured in the world as a state that cannot protect its tourists, while our every third tourist is a child who is denied the right to rest.

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