Romanova: The money for teachers’ salaries is taken by the government from local budgets – from people with special needs

“This is in no way a concession to teachers! This money was just taken from the people with autism, Down syndrome, and other diseases and then given for the salaries of teachers,” said Samopomich deputy Anna Romanova during the voting for the draft resolution on the annual bonuses from the Verkhovna Rada to pedagogical workers.

Romanova says that, according to this budget, as of January 1, 2019, the wage gap for teachers in 13 regions of Ukraine will make up more than one billion hryvnias.

“So now, in order to pay salaries to teachers by the end of the year, the government is urgently redistributing funds. And it cynically posts an article on its website with the title: “The government guarantees the payment of salaries to teachers.”

But do you know where they got this money from? They took 228 million from the New Ukrainian School program and 120 million from the financing of local budgets for people with special educational needs.”

In the budget for 2019 (for which Samopomich did not vote), the “New Ukrainian School” was underfinanced by 100 million.

“Here we are talking about the issue of priorities not only for the executive power but also for the deputies. We should not have adopted the budget so quickly. This budget completely overlooks the needs of education, while education should be made a priority.”

Romanova adds, “Samopomich will vote only for such a budget that takes into account the interests of teachers, doctors, vulnerable social groups.”

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