Romanova: Zakarpattia region annually loses almost half a billion hryvnias because of the lack of air traffic

Within the framework of her working trip, MP Anna Romanova visited Zakarpattia region. In particular, she met with representatives of local authorities, tourist business, green tourism, and winemakers.

In addition, she held an open lecture for the students of the Faculty of Geography at Uzhhorod National University. The students were mostly interested in the issue of future employment. The majority of them admitted that in the future they planned to work abroad.

“Labour migration is a very sensitive issue for Ukraine,” Anna Romanova agreed, “This is an especially acute problem here, in the border regions. There are two reasons for such a massive outflow of Ukrainian youth. The first one is the disparity between salaries and the prices and needs of citizens. The second one is the lack of stability, confidence in the future. At the same time, Zakarpattia region itself has the best natural resource potential among all the regions in Ukraine. Yet, Zakarpattia remains the least developed region in terms of economy.”

Together with the students, the MP discussed how to create an attractive business climate for young people and investors in the region, discussed the prospects of development of the Zakarpattia brand, the influx of foreign tourists, and therefore the opportunity to grow and make money in Ukraine instead of looking for work abroad.

“Zakarpattia region is a paradise for tourists. It has everything for both outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to run away from the bustle of the city. Yet, it is almost impossible to reach such an attractive region. The lawmaker notes that it is almost impossible to buy train tickets from Kyiv to Uzhhorod in the winter. After numerous appeals and letters to various ministries, Ukrzaliznytsia finally launched a Zakarpattia-Dnipro-Uzhhorod express train, but this is not enough for such a powerful region. Zakarpattia needs air traffic.”

Anna Romanova has calculated that the availability of a direct flight Kyiv-Uzhhorod can bring additionally almost half a billion hryvnias annually for the region.

“This flight connection alone will attract at least 30,000 tourists to Zakarpattia every year. If each of them spends an average of $500 per vacation, this will give additional $15 million in profits – almost half a billion hryvnias!”

On December 17, the EU unblocked the Uzhhorod Airport, but it is still unknown when it will be possible to launch a regular Kyiv-Uzhhorod flight.


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