Roman Semenukha: We insist on dismissal of the “capitulation ministers”

Samopomich Union faction requires the Verkhovna Rada to make decision on dismissal of the Minister on Temporarily Occupied Territories, Vadym Chershyn, and his deputy, Heorhiy Tuka.

“People who do not publicly recognize and reject the occupation, are actually capitulation ministers. They cannot be called Ukrainian officials because they act under orders of the Kremlin. These double standards must be eliminated,” says Roman Semenukha.

Also the faction requires that this week the law “On the temporarily occupied territories” should be adopted in the first reading. This law, among other thing, will block the military and economic trade with the occupied territories, and will ban elections in the occupied territories till the time of their release.

“No matter how many times we sing the national anthem, or hold a moment of silence to honor the memory of our soldiers, the fact is that meanwhile cynical, blatant and dirty trade with the occupied territories is ongoing. Samopomich faction is convinced that if the Verkhovna Rada is not able to call a spade a spade – to call the war the war, the occupied territories the occupied ones, and the Russian Federation the occupier – this Parliament has no moral right to be called Ukrainian any longer,” says Roman Semenukha.

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