Roman Semenukha: “It is not Saakashvili the authorities are humiliating, but the Ukrainian state and its institution”

In the opinion of Roman Semenukha, people’s deputy of the Samopomich Union, one can treat Saakashvili differently, but what the authorities are doing against him destroys the state institutions of Ukraine.

“Why was he invited to Ukraine, in the first place? One must not treat the institution of citizenship this way – this is not the possession of the President. Looks like when the President needed Saakashvili, the latter was welcomed, and now he is humiliated.

However, it is not Saakashvili the authorities are humiliating this way, it is the Ukrainian state and its institution. Take a look at the tough, straightforward – not even in a diplomatic tone – statement of the US State Department. In such a way we can lose our pretty much only real strategic partners,” the MP notes.

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