Roman Semenukha: All oligarchs know that it is impossible to make shadowy deals with Sadovyi

“In his election campaign, Poroshenko heavily relies on local criminals,” this was stated by MP Roman Semenukha in an interview with the “Kharkiv Today” publication.

Public support of Petro Poroshenko by Kharkiv mayor Hennadiy Kernes only proves this fact.

According to the MP, the current President of Ukraine has completely subjugated the SBU, the prosecutor’s office, and the judiciary. Due to this, some politicians – criminals from the Maidan times – have managed to avoid responsibility for economic crimes, incitement of hostility. Therefore, their support is so obvious today.

A similar situation is observed in Odesa, Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine.

According to Roman Semenukha, electoral frauds are already being committed today. For example, in Kharkiv, following the order of the local authorities, neither Andriy Sadovyi nor Anatoliy Hrytsenko has their billboards in the city. However, there are no problems with the placement of election advertisements for candidates coming from the oligarchic pool: Tymoshenko, Murayev, Vilkul, Boyko.

According to the deputy, the reason is very trivial.

“Today, Ukraine’s GDP depends on a dozen of oligarchic families. They have been funding the campaigns of “tamed” politicians for 28 years. And they know for sure that it will be impossible to make shadowy deals with Sadovyi. Therefore, they are creating all possible obstacles.”

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