Roman Semenukha: Every village must have modern high-speed Internet

Today the Verkhovna Rada considered the set of issues on the reform of the IT and telecom industry – bills co-authored by “Samopomich” members. Four of the seven draft laws were adopted by the Parliament in the first reading.
In particular, the deputies voted in the first reading for the draft law №4302 regarding the processing of information in cloud computing systems.
“Presently Ukraine is introducing a lot of registries, for each registry the state provides huge funds to purchase servers, computers, for services, licensed software. How will the clouds help? Firstly, the clouds allow joining all existing data-centres and significantly save all these costs. Secondly, it is not necessary to buy the license software as it is often the case when data-centre operators provide it,” explains Roman Semenukha.
Another one passed in the first reading was the bill №2126a on cybersecurity. The MP says there will be professional discussions regarding this initiative because the document is ambiguous. However, in general, it still launches the mechanism of creation of cyber security in our state.
Also, draft №4159 was endorsed today.
“This law introduces a uniform system rules for the whole of Ukraine and its aim is to make the industry develop in such a way that would let even the most remote villages of Ukraine have high-speed Internet,” says Roman Semenukha.
Despite the fact that the majority of the bills offered by the Committee on Informatization and Communication were supported today, some other important initiatives were not endorsed by the Parliament. Thus, the bill №3549-1 on electronic communications was sent back for revision. The initiative was aimed at introducing various innovative things, says Roman Semenukha.
“Firstly, it is seamless transition from one mobile phone provider to another without changing phone number. Secondly, these are possibilities for business – deregulation, reducing the number of licenses from seven to two,” says the people’s deputy. He hopes that the bill will be voted for later.
Summing up Roman Semenukha notes, “Samopomich” Union sees the overall objective of the reforming in a wider scope than adoption of certain bills.
“Our goal is to make fast and relatively inexpensive Internet available everywhere in Ukraine. It sounds simple, but in reality it requires a significant amount of sequential steps, and some of those steps have been taken today,” says Roman Semenukha.

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