Roman Semenukha: “The Prime Minister is reporting on television, while he should be doing this in the parliament”

“How can Ukrainians survive having 1,700 hryvnias of pension?” Samopomich MP Roman Semenukha is asking the Prime Minister and the ruling coalition.

The MP continues, “Seems like the government and the parliament live in a parallel reality. The Verkhovna Rada fails to consider the draft law that would solve this injustice, and the government continues to ignore the problem of miserable payments to people.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister reported on television, but he should be reporting from the parliamentary rostrum. He has to explain why there is still no draft law on military pensioners and why the government fails to provide pensions to Chornobyl cripples on the eve of the anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster.”

Roman Semenukha emphasizes that the consequences of pseudo pension reform of the Cabinet are disastrous as well. Thus, among the 10 million pensioners, the majority received an increase of less than two hundred hryvnias. Due to the ever-growing inflation, these two hundred hryvnias are literally nothing.

At the same time, the authorities are declaring some alleged support for the agrarian sector. Yet, as underscored by the MP, “Perhaps, the most important law No. 7304-2, which returns the money stolen during the budget process to 51,000 commodity producers and farmers, is not included in the agenda of the parliament.”

In addition, the politician says that we often hear about the need to stop labor migration, improve the investment climate. He emphasizes, “And what about consideration of real bills aimed at developing and protecting business?

Where is a draft law on the tax on withdrawn capital? Where is a draft law on a single body of financial investigations? Moreover, let’s be honest – the presidential draft law on the Bureau of Financial Investigations is a draft law not about business security, but about the insecurity of business.”

Roman Semenukha concludes, “At each meeting people keep asking about justice, they ask why those who have been stealing money from the budget for decades have not been brought to justice.

The Samopomich Union faction demands that money of farmers should be immediately returned to them,  the laws that will really protect business, will solve the pension problems and will let introduce the second accumulative pension level should be passed. This will give a chance for future generations for decent pensions and will let economy grow. This must be done immediately, before it is too late, because soon we will all have to be answerable to people.”

Roman Semenuha
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