Roman Semenukha: Parliament did not support Ukraine’s integration into the modern digital world

The parliament rejected bill #5361-d, which regulates the transfer of money. According to Roman Semenukha, Samopomich MP, the deputies have not been able to correct the gaps in the legislation and simplify the conditions for registering the agreement on participation in the international payment system.

Germany, China, Japan and other countries have already recognized the legal status of Bitcoin electronic money and are enjoying their advantages and opportunities. Meanwhile, last year, we, on the contrary, banned electronic payment systems used by the whole world, including the WebMoney system.

This situation throws Ukraine on the sidelines of global financial flows. Today, the parliament had to correct these gaps by adopting this bill, the re-edition of which took into account all the comments made during the first review. Adoption of this law would allow Ukraine to integrate into the modern digital world unless the parliament rejected it,” Roman Semenukha notes.

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