Roman Semenukha: The unpunished evil tends to come back

Today, the parliament stripped off immunity and agreed to detain and arrest a representative of the Opposition bloc, the former mayor and chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, who is accused of land manipulations carried out in 2008.

“The law guarantees justice and the inevitability of punishment,” stated Roman Semenukha from the parliamentary rostrum. During the period from 2008 to 2017 a criminal clique of Dobkin and Kernes stole from the community of Kharkiv 1,000 hectares of elite land: Shevchenko garden, an urban park. According to the estimates of the Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Centre, these people caused damage of approximately 10 billion hryvnias, which is an approximate annual budget of the city of Kharkiv.”

Dobkin is only an executor of this scam. The real ideologist and the main person who organized it is Henadiy Kernes.

Roman Semenukha addressed Yuriy Lutsenko, “I have a question to the Prosecutor General. Henadiy Kernes has no parliamentary immunity. There is no need to submit a corresponding representation to the Regulatory Committee in order to arrest him. If the documents on Mr. Dobkin are ready today, what prevents you from serving a summons to Mr. Kernes?

“Everybody in Kharkiv knows who brought the war to our city in 2014,” said Roman Semenukha showing a photo where Henadiy Kernes and Dobkin, under the Russian flag, are calling for “Russian world” at a separatist rally in Kharkiv in February 2014.

“I would like to ask how come it happened so that three years after these people were ensuring a continuous inflow of titushky who arrived from Kharkiv, Dnipro in peaceful Kyiv to beat and kill people, how come these people have not yet been held responsible? Why are these people calling for the creation of the South-Eastern Republics, openly calling for the overthrowing of the constitutional system? Where is the justice? Where is the responsibility? And these are not rhetorical questions. I am convinced that Kharkiv citizens and all Ukrainians want to see the truth. These people must be held accountable. Unpunished evil tends to return!”

The Samopomich faction voted for all three submissions. But this is only the first step. A real solution to this problem would be to remove the deputies’ immunity once and for all from all MPs. Only in this way will we be equal before the law and before the people!

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