Roman Semenukha: “The humanization of society begins with humane treatment of animals”

On Thursday, April 17, the Verkhovna Rada sent a draft law No. 6598 on the protection of animals to the subject of legislative initiative for finalization. This document, in particular, does not provide for euthanasia.

The faction of Samopomich Union supported this law. According to Roman Semenukha, the bill concerns not only the protection of animals, but also of millions of taxpayers whose money is spent on barbaric programs aimed at regulating the number of homeless animals.

He continues, “On the one hand, they are victims of the ill-treatment of the so-called dog-hunters, on the other – of public utilities and enterprises dealing with animal management.

The scale of the murders, in particular in Kharkiv, is impressive. In 2016 alone, communal enterprise “Centre for the Treatment of Animals” killed more than 90% of stray dogs and cats by euthanasia. In total, about 100 million hryvnias have been spent on killing animals in eight years.”

Roman Semenukha adds, “Instead of introducing a humane method of regulating the number of stray animals through sterilization, the effectiveness of which has been proven by developed countries, communal workers continue to massively kill animals. Their goal is not to reduce the number of animals, but to receive budgetary funds. Therefore, without the prohibition of euthanasia, they will continue killing with our money.”

According to the deputy, presently, the best situation with humane control of the number of animals has developed in Lviv. He argues, “Ukraine’s first adoption centre for animals picks up homeless animals from the streets, vaccinates, sterilizes them and looks for new owners for them. This is several times cheaper than killing animals. The budget of the communal enterprise “Lev” amounted to 2 million hryvnias in 2016″.

“The humanization of society begins with humane treatment of animals,” concludes Roman Semenukha. “Very often, people who are cruel with animals, subsequently start being aggressive towards other people.  There are plenty of examples. Probably, the worst of them is the story about the so-called “Dnipropetrovsk maniacs” – boys who in two months in 2007 brutally killed 21 people. As it turned out, for a year and a half before this they had been “practicing” on cats and dogs.”

Roman Semenuha
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