Roman Semenukha: Without good communications and Internet the country won’t develop

According to Samopomich MP, Roman Semenukha, this year the Verkhovna Rada won’t manage to consider the bill #4159 “On access to the infrastructure of construction, transport, electric power facilities for the purpose of development of telecommunication networks”.

However, if it were adopted, Ukraine would receive new “rules of the game” for the market participants and the opportunity to move to a fundamentally different level of technological development.

Roman Semenukha notes that now there are many unsettled relations and a great number of contentious issues arising from the conclusion and execution of contracts between telecommunication companies and owners of construction, transport, electric power facilities. The bill addresses these issues and has a positive effect not only on the market of communication technologies, but also on the technological progress of Ukraine in general.

“Today, the Internet connectivity in Ukraine is 60%, in Europe this figure reaches 80%. Once we would say that villages were dying without schools and roads. Now we can say with certainty – in the modern world a territory ceases to develop and falls out of the general process of development when it has no modern communications network (quality fixed-line telephony and mobile communications, Internet, etc.). Without good Internet connectivity in district centres and villages, we won’t be able to implement the standardized system of e-governance, the provision of administrative services, development of IT-business, modern medicine, modern education, governance, etc.,” concludes Roman Semenukha.

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