The decision to dismiss Yuliya Vusenko from the post of Secretary of the Lutsk city council is unlawful

Yesterday an extraordinary meeting of the Lutsk city council took place, during which the deputies voted for the early resignation of the Secretary of the council, Yuliya Vusenko.

According to Yuliya Vusenko, this decision was made by some factions of the city council in order to prevent the representative of the Samopomich Union from fulfilling the duties of the mayor, as provided by law, in the period after the death of the incumbent mayor and before the early elections and announcement of the winner.

For the decision adopted by the deputies to come into force it must be signed by the Secretary of the council. But since Yuliya Vusenko was removed, some deputies submitted the document to be signed by a deputy from the “Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc”, Hryhoriy Pustovit, even though he does not have such authority.

“This decision does not only violate the rules of, it violates the Constitution of Ukraine itself. Despite the fact that according to this decision, the Secretary loses his/her authority from the moment of its publication on the website – which has already happened – and despite the fact that the new Secretary can be chosen at the next regular session, which is scheduled for March 21, the city will not only be left without a mayor, but also without a Secretary, which violates the principle of continuity of power. I have no idea how the people who did this see the city’s work in the future,” Yuliya Vusenko noted.

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