Samopomich: Decision of the parliament about the cars with foreign registration is a real sham!

The Verkhovna Rada has adopted as a basis two draft laws, authored by representatives of the “Peter Poroshenko Bloc”, on introducing amendments to the Customs and Tax Codes, which ostensibly solve the issue of the cars with foreign registration. In fact, according to the people’s deputies of the Samopomich faction, in the proposed version these documents are a real sham.

The head of the faction Oleh Bereziuk notes, “This is a fraudulent version of the bill, which does not provide people with access to cheap means of transportation. This is a bill that imposes terrible excise duties on people who buy cheap cars.”

MP Tetiana Ostrikova explains that in accordance with the adopted bill, the excise duty on a fifteen-year-old two-litre petrol Volkswagen Passat will make 1,500 euros.

“And then there are also VAT and customs duties. But for a new five-litre car the excise will make up 250 euros. This does not solve the problem and does not make cars available anyhow.”

“So who are we serving? Looks like we are serving the auto dealers who sell expensive cars!” Oleh Bereziuk comments on the figures.

Another problem of the documents is that they do not solve the problem of the owners of the cars with foreign registration. That means the latter will constantly have to go through the checkpoints. Tetiana Ostrikova emphasizes, “That is, they will all have to go to checkpoints at the state border of Ukraine, which will completely stop the normal movement of goods, vehicles, and people.”

Tetiana Ostrikova is convinced, “These things need to be corrected by the time of the second reading. Otherwise, this will be a sham.”

Summing up, Oleh Bereziuk appeals to the authorities: “Why in America, Germany one can buy a car for one and a half thousand euros, while in Ukraine it is impossible? Do you want to fill the budget of the country at the expense of middle and low income people? This is an utmost fraud!”

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