“Decision of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction on the project of Lviv is a plain violation of the law” – Kiral

According to the information of Samopomich MP Serhiy Kiral, on July 27, a working group under the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction submitted a draft project of Lviv on the complex decision of the issue of handling solid waste for a second review to the Ministry of Finance.

“Another demand from the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction made out of thin air which cancels the decision of the Ministry of Finance that has already been made is an outright violation of the current legislation, a crime not only against the community of Lviv, but against all those urban communities that for years have been waiting for the funds necessary for modernization of their water supply and sanitation systems, heat generation and delivery of heat to the homes of people, modernization of public transport and the solution of a number of environmental problems,” says Serhiy Kiral.

The MP explains that Lviv’s project on receiving financing under an agreement with the European Investment Bank is almost the only one sent by the working group sent for a second review.

Serhiy Kiral states that the reason behind such a decision is somewhat strange – only the cities that submitted their documents and passed the assessment of the Ministry of Finance after October 1, 2016 are accepted, and the rest are sent for a second round!

“Why October 1, not September 1, or August 1? The answer is obvious – because the letter of the Ministry of Finance concerning Lviv and concerning the confirmation of the ability of the municipal enterprise and the city to implement a joint project with the European Investment Bank in the sphere of solving the solid waste problem is dated September 27, not August 27 or July 27! The Ministry of Regional Development probably is not aware of the fact that Lviv is a coveted client of international financial institutions and has successful experience over the past 10 years in implementing projects with the World Bank, NEFCO, the German bank KfW, the European Union, and by the number of projects is the largest customer of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,” the MP notes.


According to Serhiy Kiral, the last decision of the working group of the Ministry of Regional Construction – and in fact of Hroisman’s government – is not the first example of a systematic and organized, well-planned work against Lviv.

“However, this is not only between Lviv and the President; this affects all other regions. To date, 66 Ukrainian cities have submitted their proposals, which are stuck now. Therefore, unless there is a powerful reaction from the community of Lviv to the sabotage of implementation of the government’s program with the EIB, unless there is an unequivocal and well-communicated position of the EU delegation in Ukraine on the inadmissibility of using European taxpayers’ money as an instrument of political struggle and manipulation, next month Lviv will be told that there is a need for additional verification, that some documents are absent, that the previously submitted payments are irrelevant,” the MP concludes.

We shall recall that the framework agreement of the government of Ukraine with the EIB – initiated by the Lviv city council – provides for the European Investment Bank securing 400 million euros for the development of communal infrastructure of Ukrainian cities. It was signed in July 2015 and ratified by the Verkhovna Rada in February 2016.

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