On the Results of the Agrarian Day in the Parliament – Ivan Miroshnichenko

On Tuesday, July 10, the Verkhovna Rada considered a set of bills related to the agrarian sphere. These are the documents related to European integration, land issues, family farms and the fight against illegal takeovers. According to MP Ivan Miroshnichenko from the Samopomich parliamentary faction, Samopomich deputies authored or co-authored ten out of eleven proposed documents.

Among the results of the day, the lawmaker underscores the adoption of the draft law that strengthens the responsibility and establishes control aimed at obliging food packages to have all ingredients listed on them. “This is a matter of consumer protection. We have a problem when the ingredients are not listed, not all of them are listed and other falsifications,” says Ivan Miroshnichenko.

“The second important law is the law on organic products. It creates conditions for the cultivation of organic products in Ukraine. First and foremost, this is important for small farms and family farmers. This is their niche, they will be able to find work in this area, build businesses. If organic products are produced and fully controlled, they can be then exported to the European Union.”

In addition, the Verkhovna Rada has allowed citizens to develop family farms. Ivan Miroshnichenko says, “Our citizens working in their yards can officially register a family farm. Then they will have an official record of work; being legal entities they will be able to participate in various programs of state support. The state provides an opportunity to rent land and the right to buy it out after years of renting. This is a specific step aimed at supporting family farmers.”

Another important bill concerns the prevention of illegal takeovers. The lawmaker emphasizes, “Our deputies have probably spent most of the time on this bill not only physically helping people to protect their business, but also in the legislative terms. Our country is by and large leading in the cases of illegal takeovers in Europe.”

According to the politician, this document eliminates legislative collisions. “That is, it will be very difficult to carry out such actions as an unfounded re-registration of ownership of a leased land or an enterprise,” explains Ivan Miroshnichenko.

The MP also focuses on the draft law on cooperation. “It provides our agrarians with a full freedom of choice. They can create unprofitable cooperatives, they can create cooperatives for profit. They can even create joint cooperatives. We also provide cooperatives with the right to participate in government support programs.”

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