Reforming at its best! Short marginal notes

1) State Management of Affairs is an institution for servicing and managing the affairs of the authorities. Such an institution as the Ukrainian one is nowhere to be found in the world. Except for Russia, probably. Unprecedentedly large amounts of taxpayers’ money – more than 2 billion hryvnias – are spent on this structure, which owns a distillery, a milk and meat processing enterprise, sanatoriums, reserves, construction companies, museums, orchestras, forestry… http:// www.

2) National consolidation, humanitarian development, culture and people themselves – are not a priority for this government. The budget for everything connected with people is not different in its structure from the budget of the “last years of Kuchma”. Though the funding for culture is increasing from year to year, this ensures no expected effects, which testifies to the intellectual inability of the authorities, the weakness of the Ministry of Culture, the lack of cultural policies and prospects for humanitarian development.

3) The unreformed National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine consumes more than 4 billion of our taxes, while only 310 million hryvnias are assigned to actual science.

4) Yet, the government somehow managed to find an extra billion for a newly established President’s Fund of Ukraine for the sake of the pre-election “elephants give-away”.

5) The fiscal decentralization is being killed – between the first and second reading of the budget, the educational subvention for local budgets has decreased by 1.356 billion hryvnias. This means that local taxes will be spent on teachers’ salaries only, and not on urban development. Decentralization has been under attack ever since its launch.

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