“Healthcare reform should be voted for during the last parliamentary week” – Iryna Sysoyenko

People’s deputy representing Samopomich Union faction, Iryna Sysoyenko, participated in the working group of the Parliamentary Committee on Health Care in preparation of bill #6327 “On State Financial Guarantees for the Provision of Medical Services and Medicines” for the second reading

As the MP notes, during the work the working group managed to insist on a number of important amendments which were introduced into the bill: “First of all, we have now a new definition – instead of a state guaranteed package there is a program of state guarantees for medical services now, which will determine the scope and list of types of medical services and medicines which will be fully covered financially by the state for each citizen. This program will be approved together with tariffs annually when the state budget of Ukraine is adopted.”

“The State Guarantees Program stipulated that these would be not only medical services and medicines of primary level, emergency medicine, and palliative care that would be paid for by the state, but also the ones of the secondary level, as well as highly specialized medical aid, and medical rehabilitation. In addition, the concept of “co-payment” was withdrawn from the first draft of the bill.

The National Healthcare Service will conclude contracts with all hospitals of state and municipal property, where citizens are usually served, since there is a direct ban on refusal to conclude contracts.

For those citizens who can afford to be treated in private hospitals, the state will cover only the cost of the tariff, while the patients will have to pay the difference between the tariff and the cost of the service,” noted Iryna Sysoyenko.

The MP stresses the importance of adopting this bill in the next plenary week, “I really worry for the work we have done not to be in vain. I am afraid that the MPs who did not take part in the work of the working group might derail the work we have done. We have worked together with the representatives of the Ministry of Health and we insist that this bill should be voted for this Thursday, because this parliamentary week will be the last working week of the Verkhovna Rada up until September.”

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