Olena Sotnyk: The real reform of the parliament is the laws on elections, temporary investigative commissions, and the removal of immunity!

When considering the draft law on optimization of the parliamentary committees’ work, Samopomich deputy Olena Sotnyk noted that the version of the draft law that had been submitted for voting did not meet the agreements that had been made at the working group meetings.

“We specifically suggested preserving those committees that were important for the opposition and, above all, important for people. After all, they retain parliamentary control over corruption cases, human rights, preserve the possibility of European integration for Ukraine. This bill doesn’t have this, although this has been agreed upon,” said Olena Sotnyk.

In addition, the MP is convinced that consideration of this bill is only a cover and evasion from the present reform.

“In fact, the real reform of the parliament is a new law on elections to the Verkhovna Rada on a proportional basis with open lists. It has been introduced. The law on temporary investigative commissions; it is also in the parliament. And the law on the removal of MPs’ immunity; it is pending in the parliament as well. This is what we need to vote for!” noted Olena Sotnyk.

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