Implementation of our requirements depends on how many people show their support for them

Finally we have contact with all the blockade participants captured at the command of Avakov.

The veteran of “Aidar” using the call sign Docent has been found as well.

Now the guys need qualified legal assistance to protect their rights and to hold accountable those who beat and robbed them yesterday. I ask the lawyers who are ready to help the victims to contact the Headquarters for the liberation of patriots.

On the possible development of the situation.

The organizers of the attack are extremely dangerous and they are truly implementing the “Shatun” destabilization plan.

The key levers of influence are possessed by the Minister of Internal Affairs, who controls both part of the special forces and those who are allegedly “in favour of the blockade” and “against the occupier”.

Therefore, it is important to achieve Avakov’s dismissal as soon as possible. As well as the dismissal of the head of the Anti-Terrorist Centre of the Security Service, Malikov, a former representative of the Party of Regions in Sevastopol.

It is clear that the basic requirement remains unchanged – adoption of the law on temporarily occupied territories, which legitimately prohibits trading with them.

The implementation of our requirements directly depends on how many people across the country will demonstrate their support. Today, actions in support of the blockade and against attacks on its participants are planned in at least 10 cities.

In most cities, there are still too few people who are ready to act. But we are initiative, creative and able to act like as a network. Let’s use our strengths. Let’s organize ourselves, carry out actions of pressure and popularize them.

At the same time it is very important to understand two things. The external enemy can start a new invasion in new places at any time.

And the enemy’s trade partners who are among the current leadership of the state are even more eager than Yanukovych to fight with protests at Kyiv Maidan and near the Presidential Administration.

However, they are absolutely not ready to fight with the network resistance aimed against their dirty affairs throughout the country. Small groups that will act independently in their cities and towns and will demand the prohibition of trade with the occupier and resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs, together with the head of the Anti-Terrorist Centre, can reach the desired results very soon.

To those who are going to act. Please, make sure people can see your actions – use live-streams and Facebook for that matter.

By the way, we really need people who can help gather such information in order to enrich the society with a successful experience. If you are willing – please contact me on the Internet.

I also encourage you to share any ideas for deployment of an anti-corruption army 🙂

Yehor Sobolev
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