“The Verkhovna Rada has redistributed more than 30 billion hryvnias of taxpayers’ funds not for the needs of taxpayers, but mainly for financing the power apparatus” – Tetiana Ostrikova

The Samopomich faction is convinced that another “carve up” of the budget has happened in the parliament.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted changes to the state budget for 2017. According to MP Tetiana Ostrikova, the Samopomich faction did not support the draft law, because the faction insisted on removing all increases in salaries for officials and security forces’ employees and allocating these funds in the form of medical and educational subventions for the increase in salaries of doctors and teachers, as well as for overcoming of the consequences of explosions at military depots in Balakliya, Kharkiv region.

According to MP Viktoriya Voitsitska, these are yet new anti-social budget changes aimed at strengthening the police state led by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor General’s Office, and the Security Service. “We see no support for ordinary people, ordinary Ukrainians. The money that has been accumulated thanks to the citizens of Ukraine, doesn’t go back to the citizens, doesn’t go for the development of the state and economic incentives, but is spent on strengthening the police state.”

People’s deputy of the Samopomich faction, Iryna Podoliak, also notes that once again this redistribution of the budget is not a redistribution of development: “The draft amendments to the budget provide no estimates and details. Billions are said to go to the National Police – the actual military power within the state is being strengthened. Nothing else is specified, nothing else is known. Moreover, salaries are raised in the Presidential Administration and the Secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada and the Security Service of Ukraine, accounting this for equalization. At the same time, we are not talking about “equalization” with other people – doctors, teachers, and so on.”

“Unfortunately, the ruling majority is so afraid of losing power that it must finance all the whims of the security and law enforcements officials. The Verkhovna Rada redistributed more than 30 billion hryvnias of taxpayers’ money forgetting about people – those taxpayers who generated this money in the budget,” notes Tetiana Ostrikova.

We shall add that at the insistence of Samopomich, during the consideration of the bill it was possible to reject the amendment on the issue of the Bonds of the State Loans for 4 billion hryvnias despite the attempts of the coalition factions to return them.

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