“Privatization of Turboatom enterprise is a threat to national security” – Semenukha

Despite the statements of the President and the Prime Minister, the State Property Fund of Ukraine decided to privatize state-owned JSC Turboatom. By the Order No. 764 of June 8, 2018, it was decided to privatize the state’s block of shares which constitutes 75.2241% of the authorized capital, that is 317,819,106 shares.

“The position of representatives of Samopomich remains firm and consistent: in present conditions, there is no sense in privatizing this unique strategic facility. The enterprise generates profit, it regularly pays dividends to the state,” said MP Roman Semenukha during his working visit to JSC Turboatom.

We shall recall that immediately after the signing of the Law “On the privatization of state property,” the President noted that the state-owned thousands of enterprises for which it did not have enough funds and that only strategically important enterprises should be retained in state property.

“Turboatom” is exactly such an enterprise that should not be privatized, especially given the fact that the law stipulates that a state recognized by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as an aggressor state, as well as legal entities in which such a state has a substantial participation, and persons under the control of such legal entities cannot be the buyers. Since the scope of this substantial participation is not clearly defined, the law does not exclude the possibility of Russian Federation, for example, becoming a buyer of Turboatom, the latter being a supplier of Ukrainian thermal, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants,” notes Roman Semenukha.

We shall recall that recently during an hour of questions to the government, Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman assured the deputies of Samopomich that the controlling stake in Turboatom would remain in the state’s ownership, while the government’s goal was to attract an international partner for 20-25% of the shares. Samopomich will monitor that the process of privatization of this enterprise is as transparent as possible and in accordance with national interests.


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