Covering under the guise of a park, the authorities do not want to give lands to the communities in Kherson region

According to the head of the Samopomich faction in the Verkhovna Rada Oleh Bereziuk, the oligarchic elite does not want to give lands to people and let them manage the lands, become independent and cost-effective. Moreover, in Ukraine, there are cases when the state or people who are covered by the state law enforcement bodies, take land and shares from people by using raider methods and questionable decisions of local state administrations. Yet another incident like this occurred in Kherson region.

According to the deputies of Chervonyi Mayak village council of Kherson region, the residents of the corresponding territorial community are outraged by the situation that has emerged after the chairman of the Kherson regional state administration issued an order on the creation of the “Kamyanska Sich” national park. It is planned to create it within the territories of several village councils of this district. The approximate area of the park is 12,586 hectares.

The deputies of the village council emphasize, “In accordance with the order, it is necessary to coordinate all issues with the landowners and land users, as well as interested state authorities. However, nothing like this happened, which violates our legitimate interests and rights to land. Under the guise of creating a national park, the leadership of Kherson region upon the initiative of a deputy of the regional council Ihor Yosypenko are trying to illegally obtain almost 13,000 hectares of land. Most of these lands belong to the inhabitants of five villages as a private property. The idea of creating a national park is very good itself. But we, the inhabitants of these villages, do not understand why the land that feeds us and is the only source of income for the majority of residents should be taken away from us.”

Therefore, Chervonyi Mayak village territorial community and five more village councils are totally against the creation of the park, against the lawlessness and arbitrariness, which will begin along with its creation, because in the future, large-scale illegal business activities will be deployed there. “Therefore we demand from the Minister of Ecology and other state institutions to stop considering granting this territory the status of a national reserve and to understand the situation,” stress the village deputies.

Commenting on the situation, Oleh Bereziuk reminds once again: “Over the past three years, there has been hardly any other successful reform than the one of decentralization and unification of communities.

Communities and cities are the engines of the development of the statehood and of the will of people. The oligarchic clique is waging a war against this. Therefore, peasants in communities, just like all other citizens, must protect their interests. This is the interest of the Ukrainian statehood.”

“We must fight!” he concludes.

Oleh Berezyuk
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