Samopomich faction: Holding elections in the occupied territories is unacceptable

In his yesterday’s interview the President virtually acknowledged the fact that Ukraine has agreed to the elections in the occupied territories without establishing control over the border with Russia on the Ukrainian side. It is expected that the control over the border will be established the next day after the elections. By the time of elections, OSCE armed mission should monitor the border in order to stop the supply of arms and troops.
Samopomich Union faction considers unacceptable holding of elections in the occupied territories under any circumstances – this will only be possible when Ukraine has authority there which will happen when the Ukrainian Armed Forces come to the occupied territories of Donbas, Luhansk regions, and the Crimea.
Holding elections under other circumstances will simply legalize the occupation authorities imposed by Russia in the occupied territories in the course of 2 years after the date of signing the first Minsk agreement.
The armed mission of the OSCE is a police mission which is not capable and not designed to resist Russian forces and collaborators, and therefore it is not able to control the border. No armed mission can oppose “Grads” and tanks, of which in the occupied territories there is greater number than in some European armies.
Samopomich faction offers an alternative to the Minsk agreements, which have somehow replaced all the international security agreements and guarantees. Ukraine should recognize the occupation, call Russia the occupier country, stop trade with the occupied territories, sever diplomatic and economic relations with Russia, and stop talking about elections in the occupied territories by the time each administrative building of Donetsk and Luhansk regions has a state flag of Ukraine above it.

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