“Protesting against humiliation, deceit and abuse of people, I declare a hunger strike” – Oleh Bereziuk
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During the parliamentary coordination board meeting, chair of the Samopomich Union faction – Oleh Bereziuk – declared he would go on a hunger strike, “I have never thought I would have to make such a decision in this country in the 21st century. I declare a hunger strike to support Lviv citizens and to protest against the tyranny of the central government in Ukraine.
Following the last Ukrainian uprising of 2013-2014, the power in the country was, unfortunately, seized by criminals, oligarchs and compulsive liars. The compulsive ones are those who always lie, they indulge in lies and sometimes are not even aware of their lies.
There is a war in the country, but they go on calling it an anti-terrorist operation. Who are the terrorists, and who are the captured ones? There are occupied territories in Ukraine; however, both the Parliament and the President fail to finally recognize that. They are pretending as if there are no such territories. There are people suffering in these occupied territories, deprived of any rights. Allegedly the state is fighting for them. Yet this is another lie. There are prisoners of war captured by terrorists and nobody protects their rights. We are facing yet another lie!
We cannot overcome corruption, yet the authorities are not willing to adopt the law on the anti-corruption court. Because they do not want to complete the mechanism for corrupt officials’ punishment. A lie again!
From July 1, the government plans to raise the price of gas again by 25%. We have been told that everything will be fine, that the Rotterdam+ formula and other laws will allow stabilizing the market. And this is a lie once again, and we are witnessing is a complete destruction of the middle class.
The Security Service of Ukraine, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs can soon be renamed into the Soviet Ministry of State Security and the Soviet People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs. Total repressions have begun in Ukraine. Moreover, these repressions extend not only to political forces and political leaders, but also to cities.
Today the city of Lviv is occupied by the enemy. A year ago the enemy came to this city of freedom, which has always been and will be at the forefront of the struggle for Ukraine. During the year, by means of cynical lies, this enemy has been mocking not only the leader of the city or the political force, but also the people who live there. Lviv has never given up. Lviv residents can stand side by side. They will stand up against this enemy, which is treacherous, crushing and murderous.
Having analyzed all this I have made my decision. I am protesting against torturing, humiliation, and lies, protesting against mockery of the city which is a symbol of freedom; I am supporting the people of Lviv, who have always been patient towards the authorities, because they believe in the state and they want to see it thrive, while the state represented by the central government is cynically laughing at them. Thus, demanding the cessation of this mockery and this lie, being an individual, a doctor and a people’s deputy, I have made an extraordinary decision – I am going on a hunger strike”.
Therefore, Oleh Bereziuk left the meeting of the coordination board of the parliament and started his hunger strike under the building of the Presidential Administration. His hunger strike will last by the time the central authorities stop the garbage blockade of Lviv.

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