In simple terms about complicated things. Or what is NABU doing in NCSREU

It’s no secret that in Ukraine there is a monopoly in the thermal coal market. This is DTEK company (owned by Akhmetov), which has a share of 85%. Coal is sold to electricity producers at thermal power stations and heat and power plants. DTEK has a 75% share monopoly here as well.

It is an “independent” regulator (National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities) that determines the price of electricity and the price of coal in electricity. This is the body that sets all prices and tariffs in the electricity sector today. Last year, this regulator came up with “Rotterdam+” formula. This is the formula that determines the price of coal in the price of electricity. It happened so that this decision allowed DTEK to earn additional 15-17 billion hryvnias.

Was this decision made objectively and with no corruption elements?

It’s a good question. This is exactly what NABU should verify. I think they will sort this out.

What will happen if they establish the fact of corruption in the “Rotterdam+” decision?

Perhaps, they will ask to cancel the decision in the court.

Will all of us – the consumers of electricity – get the money for overpayment back?

I don’t think so.

Will the members of NCSREU be imprisoned for such a corrupt criminal decision?

I don’t know, but somehow I doubt a lot.

Is it necessary to conduct searches and such examinations?

Definitely yes. Perhaps, this will make members of the commission furtherly think about whether to vote for imposed criminal decisions or not.

By the way, recently, NCSREU made its yet another “balanced and pro-European” decision – introduction of the so-called RAB financing for regional power distribution companies. According to rough estimates, we are talking about 30 billion hryvnias of the state’s economy. But this time these are 30 billion every year!

An unpunished crime always leads to new crimes. Appetite comes with eating. We need to stop this.

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