The prosecutor’s tyranny lost – the court allowed Marchenko to perform his duties of deputy chairman of the Zaporizhia regional council

The Kharkiv Court of Appeal did not satisfy the appeal of the prosecutor’s office, which demanded a harsher measure of restraint – detention or release on bail – for Vladyslav Marchenko. According to the court decision, Marchenko was allowed to leave his home during the day in order to fulfill his duties as deputy chairman of the Zaporizhia regional council.

We shall recall that previously the judge had refused to remove Vladyslav Marchenko from office, though the prosecutor’s office had demanded this. And according to today’s decision, Vladyslav Marchenko can continue fulfilling his duties as deputy chairman of the Zaporizhia regional council. Tomorrow he will meet with journalists at 11:00 in his office.

In addition, Marchenko’s lawyer Vladyslav Hryshchenko has filed a petition about a criminal offense committed by the investigative authorities during the detention. According to the requirements of Article 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine, detention is possible only if a person is caught immediately during the commission of the crime or right after the commission of the crime. Let us remind you that Vladyslav Marchenko was arrested at his home.

Another violation is the fact that the crime that allegedly took place in the territory of the Zaporizhia region is somehow being investigated by the Kharkiv prosecutor’s office, despite the fact that such cases are actually under the jurisdiction of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

The prosecutor’s office accuses Vladyslav Marchenko of embezzlement of public funds intended for construction. We are talking about seven multifunctional stadiums, opened at schools in Zaporizhia, about two school grounds, and the reconstruction of a park in Melitopol. All works have been completed, and any city resident can make sure that the funds have been used for the intended purpose.

Vladyslav Marchenko himself reminded that all tenders for the works are carried out through the open system Prozorro and each participant monitors the selection process: “Neither I nor anyone else can interfere with the operation of the electronic system “Prozorro”, which is also obvious. The users of the system did not report any external interference in its work. What is the prosecutor’s office accusing me of then?” underscores Vladyslav Marchenko.

The leader of the Samopomich faction in the parliament, Oleh Bereziuk, emphasizes that the cases against the members of Samopomich party throughout the country are nothing but political reprisals:

“It is criminal of the authorities to be persecuting young people who want to be independent in Zaporizhia, Yavoriv of Lviv region, Skadovsk of Kherson region, in Mykolayiv. These charges are far-fetched and groundless, with the sole aim of repression and political persecution – they demotivate people to participate in public administration and build their own state. Tyranny does not need free people. But this ridiculous prosecutorial tyranny loses when honest, sincere, free people, united by an idea, oppose to it. Our strength is in our unity!” says Oleh Bereziuk.

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