“The Prosecutor’s Office should investigate, instead of making loud statements,” – Marchenko’s lawyer

The Prosecutor General’s Office has made public a video which allegedly proves the involvement of officials of the Zaporizhia regional council – namely the head of Zaporizhia regional office of Samopomich Vladyslav Marchenko – in the theft of funds.

We shall recall that during the court hearing, the prosecutor’s office did not provide a single fact of Vladyslav Marchenko’s involvement in the theft of funds.

Lawyer Vladyslav Hryshchenko, who defends Vladyslav Marchenko, emphasizes that there are doubts about the authenticity of the published materials, in the first place:

“First of all, we have repeatedly witnessed how the Prosecutor General’s Office, instead of investigating criminal cases, engages itself in Facebook investigations. We have already seen videos that bore signs of forgery.

Secondly, if these are really the words of those to whom the prosecutor’s office attributed them, then the publicized conversations – in which Vladyslav Marchenko allegedly participates – do not contain a single word that would prove the fact of theft or would even touch upon the issue. Businessman Mark Marchenko discusses the participation in tenders in his conversations. What is the crime? Moreover, the events during which, according to the prosecutor’s office, the crime was committed, took place in early 2017. While the conversations that are presented took place in August and September,” says the defence party.

“We encourage the Prosecutor General’s Office to return to its professional duties of investigating, instead of making loud public statements.

We call on the Prosecutor General’s Office and the prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv region to act within the law, stop distorting the facts and, to stop imposing its dubious conclusions onto people. Because in such a way they try to form public opinion through distorting the facts and this can be regarded as an element of a certain crime,” the lawyer underscores.

In spite of these events, the Samopomich Union once again emphasizes that the Prosecutor General’s Office has turned from a procedural body into a punitive machine for the opponents of the oligarchic regime. Today prosecutors tend to apply the newest method of isolation, lies and disregard for those who do not agree, who do not follow orders.

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