Pressure on Kharkiv’s Samopomich on the part of the authorities continues

In the warehouse and office premises of the “СТВ” company – one of the leaders in the market of Ukraine in the field of FMCG – a search is being conducted once again. The owner of the enterprise is the chairman of the Samopomich faction in the Kharkiv city council, Taras Sitenko.

The search is conducted by the State Fiscal Service following the Order of the Shevchenko district Kyiv Court. According to Taras Sitenko, the search concerns the case for which there is a one month old court decision on the groundlessness of the charges of the State Fiscal Service.

Over the past year, this is the third search at the enterprises belonging to the family of the deputy. We are waiting for a comment from Taras Sitenko who is currently communicating with the investigators. People’s deputy Roman Semenukha believes that the actions of the Sate Fiscal Service are connected with Sitenko’s political activities and are conducted with the aim of blocking the work of the enterprise and causing pressure on the representative of Samopomich.

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