Business protection and population welfare

Money creates added value, provides jobs, returns revenue from taxes to the budget, and replenishes the Pension Fund, if it is used in business. This is why “Samopomich” deputies support and promote the replacement of the income tax with the withdrawn capital. We suggest taking the tax at the moment when business owners decide to withdraw money in the form of dividends or otherwise, i.e., at the final stage.

Due to a significant corruption, the authorities keep ignoring customs reform, when the budget I underreceiving billions. For example, the issue with vehicles with foreign license plates, the number of which has already reached about half a million: “Samopomich” stands for the simple solution – reducing the excise duty on used vehicles. However, the authorities are ignoring this issue.

We are convinced that without the audit of the Pension Fund and establishment of the register of social benefits recipients, including recipients of pensions, any attempt to reform the retirement system in Ukraine will just resemble a sort of superficial makeover.

Ukrainians deserve fair tariffs, as much as they deserve a decent retirement. Deputies have uncovered a notorious “Rotterdam+” formula, which led to the increase of tariffs on electricity; now, they are appealing against this decision of the national regulator. We also demand choosing a new and independent composition of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine (NKREKP), which would substitute the hand-feed President’s commission.