The security of the State and Protection of People

Just like a hundred years ago, Russia has occupied a part of Ukrainian territory in order to get political control over our state. Meanwhile, Ukrainian authorities are doing everything in their power to continue doing business with the invader and protect their assets in Russia.

This is why no one wants to admit Russian occupation; this is why there is no Presidential decree on using the Armed forces, this is why they have made up a special term called “hybrid war” – in order to pretend that this is some sort of war, which allows doing business with an enemy and does not make it a crime.

“Samopomich” has been supporting war veterans, who pressured the President and forced him to restrict trade with the occupied territories. Besides, we demand imposing sanctions against certain individual business sectors and cultures belonging to Russia.

Our position is solid — Ukraine must officially name this a war and protect each soldier, who will be in danger of prosecution for the use of weapons in peacetime without the decision on the use of Armed forces. The costs of the security and defense sector must be transparent and subject to control, so that every Ukrainian financing the army by paying the taxes could understand that their money is spent on soldiers, and not just being shot off in the air during “sabotage attacks” at the ammunition parks.