Strong communities represent a strong state

Budget decentralization has provided resources and started producing quality local managers. However, strong communities that had received money and power are increasingly starting to worry the authorities. The elections are approaching. Therefore, they need to have controllable communities and subjugated mayors.

This is why by manually managing the police, courts and the prosecutor’s office, the coalition consisting of the new authorities and remains of former “Party of Regions” members, is prosecuting political opponents all over the country and is illegally removing legitimately elected representatives from the local authorities. This is a reason behind the continued attempts to covertly rob communities: every year the authorities are trying to make them cover costs that are to be provided by the state.

“Samopomich” deputies promote the community interests and defend them from the payment of benefits on housing and utility debts. “Samopomich” insists on passing a bill, which will give lands outside the settlements to ATCs, so that communities could finally receive promised resources and not just additional powers that are not backed up by the state. We demand increased financing of ATCs at the expense of the share of enterprise income tax, part of the rent on gas and oil extraction. We will protect the funds that we have already managed to give to the communities.