The President has signed the bill #6327 on medical reform – Iryna Sysoyenko

The President has signed the bill #6327 on medical reform, which we adopted in the parliament in October! It happened only on December 28, but it’s good anyway, because we have been waiting for so long!

The whole country was watching how the bill was adopted and what kind of political resistance to the changes in the health care financing system there were! Yesterday, the government adopted a number of by-laws to implement two new laws.

My views on this are as follows:

1. Together with the colleagues in the parliament, we did our best to ensure that the law is of high quality and protects both physicians and patients. We wanted to make sure that citizens will not feel afraid of being left alone with their problems, that they will know absolutely clearly for what exactly the state should pay in hospitals where they seek treatment.

2. No matter how perfect the law is, it all depends on whether it will be fulfilled by the government and how it will be fulfilled by the government!

3. Within the activities of deputy’s control, I will head the subcommittee on monitoring the implementation of the medical reform under the Health Committee of the Verkhovna Rada. We will try to unite the representatives of various ministries and departments, representatives of local governments, doctors and patients! The main work is still ahead!

4. It will be only possible to talk about “success” or “defeat” when the reform will be launched and implemented. The period of its implementation will last until 2020.

I warn everyone – unfortunately, the changes in public hospitals won’t take place on January 1, 2018 straight away. Everyone should be aware of this and have patience.

P.S. As long as the medical reform is only on paper, the new legislation is only coming into effect, the state hasn’t begun payments to hospitals in accordance with new principles, the government hasn’t introduced electronic systems, registers, control over spending, doctors have not switched to new working conditions – it is way too early to shout about the “genocide of the Ukrainian people”, “betrayal” and so on, which are the statements usually shouted when there is an attempt to improve Ukrainian medicine!

Iryna Sysoienko
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