“President vetoed the law abolishing the “termless contracts”, Taras Pastukh

“Today, our guys in the East need a hope that they have the right to choose and the right to remain voluntarily in the Armed Forces. Just as once they voluntarily left their jobs and the families and went away to defend the country,” said Taras Pastukh, “Samopomich” Union faction deputy, in “Shuster LIVE” TV programme.
We are talking about thousands of soldiers who were the first to voluntarily go to the East, who have survived Debaltseve, Ilovaisk, Donetsk airport defence and concluded the so-called contracts “by the completion of the special period”. That is, until the completion of the ATO, and therefore – for an indefinite term.
“The regulation about these “special” contracts was introduced in September 2013 by the government of Azarov. After all, Yanukovych needed to have the army under control, the one in which no contractor would be able to terminate the contract, and in which because of a failure to obey regulations one can become a subject to criminal liability. Today our new President vetoes a bill №4689, which is to abolish this form of soldiers’ slavery,” Taras Pastukh explained.
According to him, the President succumbed to the manipulations of the General Staff, saying that in case of cancellation of indefinite contracts most military will leave the area of ATO. “Nobody from the volunteer battalions or from the Armed Forces is going to put down arms and leave army immediately. However, most of these guys have their hands tied: they want to serve, but they want no more uncertainty of their status. And by this law we could give them the right to choose. Unfortunately, the President has vetoed it. Today, everyone is ready to defend the country, but there is considerable mistrust in the Command of the Armed Forces. Therefore, the military are rebelling against this regulation,” said the MP.
Now we request each and every MP to vote for overcoming of the President’s veto and provide the military with the legal right to enter into a contract for a specified period.
July 12, 2016 the Verkhovna Rada passed a bill №4689, which allowed the military, who at the beginning of the ATO concluded contracts “by the completion of the special period”, to break them or make new ones for a certain period – 6, 12 or 18 months. Also, according to this amendment, this law would apply to the military who signed contracts before the beginning of ATO – in 2011-2013, and were unaware that soon this “special period” would come.
The President vetoed the bill.

Taras Pastuh
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